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Sunday, March 30, 2014
So I have been wanting to do one for a while now, and now you can use my Template Bundle packs for CU4CU, and my templates for CU4CU, with the purchase of my NEW License (you can find in any of my stores) and ALL my stuff is 50% off, including my License!! 
Links to stores are to the right and here is my TOU for this, it's pretty simple:
Here are my CU4CU TOU's:
Thank you for purchasing my License! You ROCK!!!
My Blog:
I'm on Facebook Too!

You MUST have my CU4CU License on your Blog. You can buy and download my CU4CU License in any of my stores
The license image MUST remain on your blog as long as you are selling items created with my CU products.

This License is ONLY good for use with my products that say CU4CU and any of my CU TEMPLATE PACKS or CU Templates!  Not my CU/PU scripts

What You CAN Do:
-Make Scripts to sell for CU
-Make Actions to sell for CU
-Use in PU Kits for resale, or to use in FREEBIE PU kits!
-Make QP's
-Use in a tag
-Please put somewhere on your preview that your creation, (whatever you choose to make) states that you used my template, something along the lines as: Template by Angelaz Creationz.
-Use for Commercial Use or Personal Use resale
-You may resize, colorize, add to it
-Make png merged element packs in assorted colors
-Have Fun!

What You CAN'T Do:
-CLAIM AS YOUR OWN- That's rude!! totally NOT cool! Be original and create something that is your OWN Creation, DON'T STEAL!
-Do not Sell/Give away in template or layered form. Must be Merged.
-Do not repackage as a gray scale template, this should be a No-Brainer but alas if I don't state it someone will try and get away with it *sigh*
-No sharing, Do not redistribute for FREE
-Do not share through other links or upload to another file sharing site
-Do Not Create other CU4CU items. May only use as CU or PU
-Do not create PSP tubes, brushes or masks
-Do not create Photoshop brushes, presets, or patterns
-Don't do anything illegal with any of my stuff

Credit is required as: Angelaz Creationz@

If you have any doubt, feel free to contact me at anytime

My Terms are pretty simple, I don't ask for much, and honestly I just want you to have fun and enjoy this wonderful little hobby! I love making new things and sharing them with others. So many are quitting the "Design" world because they've lost thier joy, either because of all the drama ,or back stabbing, or stealing. Let's just have fun and create new things for everyone to enjoy! And above all, just Be Respectful to others. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat Others, The Way You Would Like to be Treated :)


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